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November 19, 2010

Soccer Ball Cake

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When asked to make a cake with a soccer ball on it, my first thought was along the lines of, “Urrrgggg!” However, I quickly remember that Wilton makes a 3D soccer ball pan that has the lines indented on the pan so that I wouldn’t have to figure out how to decorate it on my own. I might have had to decline the cake had I had to do it myself. It worked out. I got to buy a new pan, much to my husband’s continuing dismay.

I did a quick search online for some ideas and found one I really liked on CakeCentral.com. Since I didn’t have a 12×12 pan (DANG!), I decided to just use a 9×13 pan. Also, I did it in buttercream because I don’t do fondant, at least not yet anyway.

I did the main cake in three layers (long story short…the cake didn’t rise like it should and I don’t know why. This seems to be a trend recently. Need to figure it out!). Two layers were strawberry and one was blue raspberry. The soccer ball was blue raspberry as well. The icing was cotton candy, with the exception of the white icing. I can’t make cotton candy icing that is white.

I had a horrible time trying to fill and ice this dang cake. I ended up having to dirty ice the cake, which I almost never have to do, which means that I used a TON of icing. Eventually, I got all the icing on the cake and got it smoothed out. Next, I plopped the soccer ball onto the cake and had at it. Luckily, I had the foresight to reserve some of the icing from the last batch so that I could have white icing without having to make more. Also luckily, you can tint green icing black very easily. I had been most worried about how the soccer ball would turn out, but did not end up having any issues which was nice. The grass around the ball gave me some problems. I don’t think I know how to properly use that particular tip the “grass” kept staying on the tip instead of the cake. Deep breath…removed stupid non-sticking grass…try again…

Then came the lettering. I hate writing on cakes. I suck at it and really, really need more practice. And I couldn’t find the correct size round tip. I also discovered that I am much better at doing lover case lettering than I am at upper case lettering.









Overall, I was really happy about the way the cake looked. There are always some little things that I wish I had done better, but I usually just don’t have the time available to produce a more perfect cake. For instance, you’ll notice that the corners have black icing on them. That is because I seem to be incapable to icing a cake with crisp, even corners, so I just cover them up by piping icing there. Easy fix that looks nice, but it still drives me nuts that I can’t get that figured out!



April 23, 2010

Swedish and Italian Flag Sheet Cakes

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One of the professors in my department requested that I make two 9×13 inch sheet cakes for his son’s birthday party this weekend. Being the nice person I am, I promised him I would make the cakes. He wanted one to be the Swedish flag and one to be the Italian flag. I’ve never made a sheet cake before but I figured I could handle it. Turns out…I was completely correct. I don’t think I’ve ever had a project go so smoothly. The cakes baked up great. The icing mixed great. The decorating went smoothly. I got the cakes delivered without incident. And Prof. P loved the cakes.

I used one of my nifty planner sheets that I have mentioned in previous posts and managed to stick to the time table. It was a busy week. Besides these two cakes, I also have a ton of cookies to make for a church function. I got everything done on time, though. Yay!!!

Swedish Flag Cake

This cake was obviously decorated to look like the Swedish flag. The cake itself was a blue raspberry cake with cotton candy butter cream icing. I took a white cake mix and added in some Jolly Rancher Blue Raspberry flavored syrup I had found to flavor the cake.

Sadly, this cake used up the last of the syrup and I don’t think the stores around her have it anymore. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to flavor the cake, though…jello, soda, sno-cone flavoring, etc. To flavor the butter cream I used melted cotton candy flavored ice cream. Talk about yummy!

Italian Flag Cake

I was very, very pleased with this one. I was worried about the lettering. I don’t have much practice with lettering, but I thought it went well. Good enough anyway! This cake was a strawberry cake with cotton candy butter cream. Since using the ice cream to flavor the icing colors it a funky bluish-green color, I had to use a different method to flavor this cake’s icing. I used some of the candy flavoring you get in those little bottles. I don’t think it tastes like cotton candy at all, but it still tastes good. I need to experiment with the flavoring a little to get it to taste more like actual cotton candy. I thought about adding in some raspberry or strawberry flavoring.

I was really glad to get these done and it felt strange to have been able to do them so easily. Usually when I’m baking for other people, anything that can go wrong goes wrong and I’m a wreck of nerves and rage by the time I get everything done. These cakes brought out the Calm Baker in me and I had a lot of fun!

Next week…pina colada giant cupcake and 2 dozen regular cupcakes…I hope it goes as smoothly as these cakes did!

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