Evil Yumminess in the Land of Giant Cupcakes

July 14, 2010

It’s Raining Cupcakes – Part 1

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I was asked to make a spread for a bridal shower that was held last weekend. This would be “Part 1.” Then I volunteered to make a bunch of stuff for a cousin’s baby shower that was also held last weekend. That would be “Part 2.” Let’s just say…I was a tad busy last week!

For the bridal shower, I made a giant cupcake, 12 red velvet cupcakes, and 30 cake pops. I was a little nervous because she asked for the giant cupcake to be yellow cake and I haven’t made yellow cake before. I search far and wide for a recipe that sounded good, but decided to just doctor a cake mix instead. I wanted something that I wouldn’t need to test out in advance and that would be a no brainer but still taste yummy.

My solution was to take a Golden Yellow cake mix, add a box of pudding (add dry to the cake mix), and about a teaspoon of vanilla extract. The cake came out moist and tasted really good.

In a compromise between cost and quantity, we decided to go with 12 matching cupcakes and 30 cake pops. I was pretty sure (mostly) that I could get a dozen cupcakes and that many cake pops from one batch of batter. I lucked out, though, and someone else ordered some red velvet cupcakes so I was able to freeze an 8 inch round as an insurance policy for the pops. It worked out really nicely using the frozen cake.

I wanted to make the matching cupcake pretty and use a design different from anything that I have done in the past. This is the design that I used.

Since I was planning on making red velvet cupcakes for the baby shower, I decided to just bake all the batter as cupcakes and use the frozen round that I had made previously for the cake pops. As I said, this worked out rather well. The cake was still really moist when I thawed it out. I needed 30 cake pops and I ended up with around 50 from that one cake. I tried thinning the candy melts out with a little Crisco, but I ended up with some grease spots on the pops that I had to soak up with a paper towel. I’m not sure if that stemmed from the Crisco not being incorporated enough or from the fact that I had a teeny bit too much cream cheese icing in with the cake. I also designed a special tag for the cake pops with the couple’s name and the wedding date, which was tied on each cake pop.

I did not attend the baby shower, but I managed to get a picture of how they set up the cake and everything. I thought it was simple and pretty. I’m dying to get a set of crystal/glass stands like they used for the cupcakes!

Overall, the planning of when I was going to bake/decorate everything was the hardest thing. It wouldn’t have been so bad if there had only been the one shower, but with two in the same weekend, it was a little hectic. I definitely worked with cake way more than I slept last week. So, on that note…I’m going to take a nap!


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