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May 21, 2010

Epic Fail, Two Sheet Cakes, Angel Food Cake, and Barney

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Let’s start with the epic fail. Last Sunday I decided to get a head start on my baking since I had SO much to do this week. My daughter’s birthday is today and I was planning on making her a 3-D Barney Cake. She LOVES Barney! I went out and bought the larger size of the Wilton 3-D Bear Pan and was excited to get this cake made. I whipped up a from-scratch devil’s food cake recipe that I found in one of the 25 cooking books that I have recently checked out from the library. So far so good. I carefully sprayed the bear pan and clipped it together as best as I could. I stood looking at the pan, wondering exactly how this was going to work, but I was in a good mood and decided to stay optimistic. I poured in the batter and popped that baby in the oven…and when I came back two minutes later, the epic fail had begun. Batter and oil from the spray were oozing out of the sizes of the pan. A huge puddle of batter was quickly forming on the baking sheet on which the bear pan was sitting.

At this point, I was getting quite upset. My good mood was gone, but I was still holding to together, if barely. Hoping to salvage the cake, I quickly got out the two smaller 3-D bear molds I own and popped all the extra clips on the pan. Unfortunately, this did NOT work. Batter continued to stream from the pan.  If it had been a box mix that was getting wasted, I think I would have handled this chain of events much better; however, since I’d make this cake batter from scratch, it was killing me that it was being wasted.

I yanked the pan out of the oven, grabbed another pan, sprayed it, and poured the batter into this new pan. Not wanting to waste any of my precious batter, I then scooped the stuff off of the cookie sheet and got it into the new pan as well. I was quite upset now and all I can say is that I’m glad my daughter was napping upstairs…she would have learned some interesting new words and phrases. The cake cooked up okay despite the trauma that it had sustained and tasted great! However, I was still left with no birthday cake for my daughter and a lot of other baking to do during the week.

On to the rest of the week…I had a LOT of baking to do so I got out my trusty planner sheets and planned away. I had to stick to my schedule or everything would NOT get done on time! Here’s how it panned out:

Sunday – Epic Fail…see above
Monday – Bake Quarter Sheet Cake
Tuesday – Bake Half Sheet Cake and Decorate Quarter Sheet Cake
Wednesday – Bake 2 small bear cakes, a 6 inch round and Decorate the Half Sheet Cake
Thursday – Decorate the bear that came out the best and bake an angel food cake (last minute addition to the plan)

Luckily, everything went smoothly for the rest of the week. No more epic fails; not even a tiny fail, which was great! The Quarter Sheet Cake was for a friend who graduated this semester with her bachelor’s degree. I demanded to be allowed to make her a cake for her graduation party. When I asked her what she wanted, she said orange cake with orange butter cream with a retro design and Gerbera daisies. I was so thrilled when I got this one finished. I think I gave her everything she asked for, and I must have been right because she was thrilled!

The daisy was interesting and not quite a nice as I had hoped it would turn out, but I think it still works. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the swirls. This is an instance where I saw what I wanted to do in my head and then actually was able to get it to work correctly on a cake. This is not always the case!

The Half Sheet Cake I did for my sister-in-law’s twin sister’s middle child’s 8th Grade Promotion Party (did you get all that?). I was nervous because it was going to require me to do two things I’m at which I do not excel: writing on cakes and drawing on cakes. Luckily, I had the brilliant idea of printing a clip art graduation cap on some cardstock and then cutting it out. I then used that as a template to trace the design onto the cake. After that, it was simple. Outline with icing and fill in with drop stars. The lettering I opted to do with drop stars and I almost ran out of room on the “congratulations.” Still, I was happy with the result, especially the cap.

Now, I still had to come up with something to do for my daughter’s birthday. I tossed around the idea of making her a Lightning McQueen cake since she loves the Cars movie, too, but after looking at some pictures, I decided I just didn’t have enough oomph left in me to get it done correctly. I decided to just bake up two of the smaller Wilton 3-D Bears since I knew from past experience that I could get these to come out correctly. This, however, meant that I needed to provide another cake for the rest of the family. So, I baked an angel food cake, too.

I sat down after mixing up the icing to the approximate colors needed for Barney…did I mention the lack of oomph at this point? Yes, okay, I just wanted to make sure! I was practically falling asleep while decorating this cake. Anyway, I carved and iced away on this little guy and ended up with a pretty close approximation of Barney.

He even had a tail…

Now, I was a little disappointed this morning when I showed my daughter a picture of the cake and she didn’t just scream, “Barney!!!!!”, but I’m confident (kind of ) that when she sees the real thing, she’ll recognize who it is. I guess I’ll just have to wait until tonight and see what happens.


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