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May 14, 2010

White Chocolate Giant Cupcake

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A coworker in my department is retiring, today actually, and knowing that she likes white chocolate, we wanted to make her something special and yummy to wish her well. Last week, I did a search and found a few recipes for from-scratch white chocolate cake. I finally decided on using the one I found at AllRecipes.com (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/white-chocolate-cake/detail.aspx).  It seemed pretty easy to make and had a four-star review so I though it would be a pretty good bet.

Last week I did the first trial run and was really displeased with the results. Instead of doing a cake, I decided to try doing cupcakes. I burned over half of them. In all honesty, part of the problem was because I was impatient and put three cupcake pans in the oven at the same time; however, I would like to point out that it is really hard to tell when these silly things are actually done! Once again, I neglected to take any pictures other than the end-result ones. Sorry.

The batter is nice and fluffy once it is put together. I popped these in the oven with high hopes. Well, the batter doesn’t rise very much, not like regular cupcakes usually do. The tops of the cupcakes are pretty shiny, so they don’t look done until they’ve browned up a significant amount. Like I said, I burned a lot of them on this trial run, but they still tasted pretty good.

I didn’t have a lot of time when I was baking the cake for my coworker, so I opted to use a white cake mix and then doctor it up some, or rather a lot. Here’s what I used:

1 box white cake mix
3 large eggs (whites AND yolks)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 tsp vanilla bean paste
2 tbsp vegetable oil (I use canola oil)
4 ounces of white chocolate melted in 1/3 cup of water

The cake turned out very, very dense and smelled wonderfully like white chocolate. I think next time I might try leaving out the extra oil since the white chocolate is so rich and greasy, but I don’t know if that will make it better or worse. I haven’t tasted it yet, but I think it will be quite nice. I used the Wilton Buttercream Recipe for the icing, but I used vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract and added in 3 ounces of melted white chocolate. I also added some pink food coloring and raspberry flavoring to half the icing so it would have a nice zing to it. Here’s the finished product…

And my artsy-ish picture for the day…

Another coworker, who had sampled one of the “trial” cupcakes from last week, asked me to make her a couple dozen regular sized cupcakes for her own personal enjoyment. I had plenty of patience and time  so I opted to use the from-scratch recipe instead of doctoring a cake mix. I was really careful with the batter and it mixed up like a dream. I carefully measured the batter into the cupcake liners. I carefully placed them in the oven…and then I carefully underbaked the first pan of cupcakes. They rose fine and looked beautiful. I checked then by touching the centers and with a tooth pick. They’d just started to brown a little on the edges. I took them out of the oven, all proud of myself, and then within a minute they had fallen in on themselves and the wrappers had come off! I couldn’t believe it.

Luckily, it turned out that I had enough batter left for nearly two dozen cupcake (ended up with 21). I let the second and third batch cook much longer and get a lot browner before taking them out. They still fell some, but were totally usable. I frosted them up and they looked yummy. I was lucky enough to get to try one and I was a little disappointed by the fact that had I not known that they were white chocolate flavored, I wouldn’t have really been able to pinpoint the flavor.

So, when pondering how I could make these cupcakes work better, I wondered if using a foil cupcake liner instead of a paper one would give the cupcake more stability and keep it from falling and losing it shape. I’m guessing it is going to be a while before I find that out, because I don’t plan on making these again until someone begs me to do it! Rest assured, I’ll have another post about those results…


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