Evil Yumminess in the Land of Giant Cupcakes

May 11, 2010

Tie-Dyed Giant Cupcakes

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I was cruising the internet one day looking for fun cake ideas and I ran across a site where someone had done a fun tie-dyed cake. It’s been a long time since I visited that site, so I honestly couldn’t tell you who it was that gave me the idea. My friend, Mel, wanted a fun, bright birthday cake for her daughter which presented the perfect opportunity to try out this new technique. Luckily, I had time for a trial run first to make sure I could get it to work correctly.

It thought it turned out nice, well, at least the INSIDE of the cake did. I was experimenting with drop strings and had mixed results. Practice, practice, practice!!! Anyway, I thought the inside of the cake looked totally groovy! So did Mel, I did the inside of her cake this way, too.

It is really easy. I made up the cake batter like I usually would and then divided it evenly into two bowls. One bowl I dyed green and the other I dyed purple. Then I just spooned the batter into the pan, alternating the colors to achieve the tie-dyed look. She asked that I decorate her cake a little more simply…

The next time I made a cake like this, it was just as bright but in different colors. I though ahead a little bit more and snapped some pictures of the inside of the cake BEFORE I iced it to demonstrate how cool this effect looks. So, here’s before…

And here’s the after…

This cake, unfortunately, called for more drop strings. While they went onto the cake in a decent manner, they rebelled and decided to fight with the cake box.  A set of the drop strings decided it could no longer be associated with the cake and bailed. The gal I made the cake for was really nice about it, but I was mortified!!! Grrr….so drop strings are my current arch-enemy and it would take an act of God to get me to put them on something I have to deliver more than five minutes from my house. Still, the cake turned nice. (You can see the rebel drop strings on the left side of the picture)


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