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April 23, 2010

Butter Rolls

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So, before yesterday I don’t think I have ever, EVER seen a roll of butter. My Uncle Mark gave me some sticks of this Troyer butter the other day, and let me just say…this stuff was awesome!!! True to my natural form, I didn’t remember where Uncle Mark said he’d gotten the butter, and I haven’t gotten around to asking him about it either. My parents frequently visit an Amish Bakery (Beachy’s outside Arthur, IL) and I had asked them to look for this butter. I was totally unprepared for what they found:

Yes, everyone, this is what a two-pound roll of butter looks like.  I’m told that this is how butter used to be sold back in the day(?). I decided to look up the company and see if they had a website. Good news! They do: Troyer Country Market. They make all kinds of other yummy looking stuff, too. After looking around on their website, I realized that I had been seeing all this Troyer stuff for a long time at the local Amish markets, but I guess I never really paid attention to the brand name.

They also sell the butter in a 10 ounce size.

And a whopping 5 pound roll.

As well as the normal sized sticks.

I’m not sure how efficient this whole roll of butter thing is going to be when making my cake icing, but I”m sure going to give it a try. I certainly want to use this excellent butter in all my baking now! I’ll just have to work out the measuring kinks first. I figure I’ll just have to let it get soft, measure it all out, wrap it, and then chill it again. I may just have to ask Uncle Mark where he got the sticks of butter. I’m not sure that I have the patience and time to put in all the extra work that the roll requires. I don’t often make a batch of icing big enought to warrent using a whole TWO POUNDS of butter!

This butter is so rich, sweet, and creamy. Truely amazing. I think it is lots better than the sweet cream butter you can buy in regular stores. So, if you are in the Millersburg, OH area, I recommend stopping into the Troyer Country Market and checking things out!


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