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April 9, 2010

White Velvet Cookies

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Ever experience on of those moments where something seems so obvious that you feel silly for not seeing it before? Well, I had one of those moments the other day in my pre-sleep mental shutdown process. I was laying there pondering how to make Easter colored Red Velvet Cookies. You have to add so much dye to the cookies to get the color to overpower the chocolate, so it is next to impossible to get a pastel colored cookie. And then it hit me… why not substitute white chocolate for the semi-sweet chocolate. And THEN, I got really excited about the possibilities this substitution would open up for these cookies. Not only could I make them in any color I wanted, I could also add pretty much any flavoring I wanted to. Let’s just say, after this epiphany, it took me a while to shut my imagination down so I could get to sleep!

The recipe I used to make theses White Velvet Cookies is the same as the one listed on the Green Velvet Cookie post. I simply substituted white chocolate squares and chips for the semi-sweet ones.

I also decided to make a couple of variations. I added root beer extract trying for a root beer float taste…

and raspberry extract and a little pink food coloring for the other.

I about passed out when I tried one of the first cookies out of the oven. It was SO good! And the flavor possibilities are endless. On my list to try are: blackberry (with fresh blackberry, strawberry, lemon, orange, and mint.


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