Evil Yumminess in the Land of Giant Cupcakes

January 1, 2010

The Giant Cupcake Addiction…The Beginning of the End

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Welcome to my Blog! I hope that you enjoy it and that I am actually able to keep up with my posts. Since this is a new endeavor for me, you will have to cut me some slack. You will also have to excuse the quality, or lack thereof, of the pictures at first; I didn’t spend much time trying to get good pictures of the stuff I had made. I was still unaware at that point in time how much I would become addicted to making cakes!

I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes, and in May 2009 when my daughter turned one, I decided it was finally time. I wanted to do a simple four inch layer cake so she could have her own little cake to rip into on her birthday. Well, after searching around I just couldn’t find any small pans like I wanted. However, I did find a Giant Cupcake pan two days before her birthday. It was SO cute that I just had to have it..and thus the road to addiction begins.

My first endeavor to decorate a cake was somewhat successful. I had a small selection of icing tips and I just picked one that looked easy to use. I used a plain white box cake mix and regular buttercream icing (Wilton’s recipe). I didn’t get the proportions correct when putting the batter into the cake pan, so the bottom turned out really short. I convinced myself that it didn’t really matter how it looked because I was making it for a one year old little girl! She wasn’t going to notice the mistakes.

We ended up having two parties for her so I got another chance to make the Giant Cupcake right away. It went much better this time, although there were still some flaws. There wasn’t as much cake showing through the icing which was something that really annoyed me about the first cake. I also got the proportions of the cake itself better, too. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the cake so I had to pull a still off the digital video we took from the party. Like I said before, I wasn’t too concerned about taking pictures of everything yet…

So, this is how it all began. My husband thinks I have lost my mind, but I tend to think that I never really had a good grasp on it in the first place. Besides, I’m just a creative person, and he knew that when he married me…


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